Landscaping design matters a great deal when it comes to a home’s overall value and curb appeal. It allows you to achieve outdoor function whether that be an outdoor dining or living area, while still preserving a natural feel. While most clients first think only of the visual appeal and aesthetics of landscaping, the beautiful scents that accompany flowers, roots, bark, and leaves will make your space a place you’ll never want to leave!

Property Maintenance

Our weekly program is designed for those who expect proper horticultural care of their exterior landscape. A specially trained crew will be on site each week to perform lawn services that will enhance and maintain your outdoor space.

Whether you’re property is need of such things as hand pruning of ornamental plant material, insect or weed control, tree maintenance, leaf removal, or fertilization of plant material, our team will be there to get it done. We also make sure that by the time we leave, your property is cleared of all excess brush, so that your landscape can be shown off.

We transform outdoor living spaces with lighting options that are installed and managed by our team. Whether you’re adding a simple accent lighting system or planning an elaborate landscape for your outdoor space, we take your ideas and make them reality.

Outdoor Lighting

There are many benefits of outdoor lighting including illumination, décor, curb appeal, property value, and even security. We can light up your pool and garden areas, patios, decks, or paths throughout your landscape.

Because lighting during the day is seen differently than how it is seen at night, our team will make sure that you know exactly what you are getting before the final installation.

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.”
  ~ Claude Monet



Frequently Asked Questions
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